Can a Alkaline Water Filter Really Improve your Health?

In contrast to acidic water, alkaline water has a higher pH. The pH level is greater than that of regular water. The popularity of alkaline diets and the demand for alkaline water devices has increased in response to claims that they are beneficial to health. One category of such items is the ionising machine. Prices for these can often exceed $1,000. But what do the experts have to say about the health benefits of alkaline water? Can any health advantages be substantiated?

Differences between alkaline and normal water

The pH of alkaline water is greater than that of typical tap water. As a result, proponents of alkaline water claim that it can reduce acidity in the body.

The pH of most municipal water supplies is 7, considered neutral. The pH of alkaline water usually is around 9. But a high pH value only does a little to make water more alkaline.

Water with an alkaline pH and a negative oxidation-reduction potential is called “alkaline mineral water” (ORP). Water’s oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) measures its pro- or antioxidant properties. To put it another way, an antioxidative property is indicated by a negative ORP value.

What is alkaline water?

Water is considered to be neutral at a pH level of 7. Acids and bases can be added or removed, and the pH can be adjusted using chemicals and gases. Water has a pH of about 7. Some research suggests it may be preferable to consume alkaline water for health reasons. Since atmospheric carbon dioxide makes solutions more acidic, rainwater has a somewhat acidic pH.

  • Substances with a pH less than 7.0 and even less than zero are considered acidic. The pH scale ranges from 1 (battery acid) to 14 (vinegar), with lemon juice falling somewhere in the middle.
  • The pH of alkaline compounds can reach 14. Milk of magnesia has a pH of around 10, while baking soda has a pH of about 8.

The pH of water can be high or low, and either extreme can be harmful. Overly alkaline water tastes unpleasant. The deposits it creates can encrust plumbing and electrical equipment. It is possible that metals could be dissolved or corrode in highly acidic water.

Does alkaline water have any side effects?

Drinking water with an alkaline pH is not harmful. At present, no data shows any adverse consequences.

Even though alkaline water has a different pH than conventional water, your body will still make physiological adjustments, such as maintaining the production of hydrochloric acid, to maintain homeostasis in the stomach’s pH.

The Advantages of Alkaline Water for Your Health

Maintaining a balanced pH level in the body is crucial to good health. Because of this, many individuals advocate consuming alkaline water. The acidity of water is reduced or eliminated in alkaline water, which is the primary distinction between the two. Here are just a handful of how alkaline water might improve your health.

  • Keeps your body’s pH level in check

Your body naturally balances the pH level in your body. However, if your internal pH is too low, your body’s systems will have to work more than usual to bring it back into a healthy range. Too much acidity in the body can also disrupt normal cell function. The acidity of the food people eat lowers the body’s pH. Overly acidic bodies are easier prey for all sorts of nasty illnesses. The pH of alkaline water is higher than that of regular water. Thus, it helps your body maintain a healthy balance and protects you from disease.

  • Helps get rid of toxins

Alkaline water is beneficial for several reasons, but one of them is detoxification. Alkaline water helps the body eliminate harmful pollutants that can cause various health issues. To properly cleanse your body, it is recommended that you consume at least 8 glasses of alkaline water every day, in addition to your fruit and vegetable intake. The pH of your urine will increase after drinking alkaline water, which will benefit your kidneys and help them clean your body.

  • Improves Immune System

The immune system benefits greatly from regular consumption of alkaline water. An alkaline condition has beneficial effects on the immune system. The alkaline water neutralised the free radicals in your body, and any poisons in your system were flushed out. In addition to the short-term benefits of a stronger immune system, frequent consumption of alkaline water has many other positive effects on health.

  • Helps to lose weight

Regular use of an alkaline water filter also aids in weight loss. The regular consumption of unhealthy junk food dramatically increases the acidity of the human body. Your body will respond to this acidity by making more fat cells, which will cause you to gain weight. When consumed regularly, alkaline water helps to neutralise acidity in the body and prevent weight gain.

  • Increased Hydration

The health benefits of alkaline drinking water are well documented; one of them is that it helps you stay hydrated. Compared to regular water, alkaline water does a better job of hydrating and rehydrating you quickly. As many people experience chronic dehydration, alkaline water can significantly aid in combating the condition and maintaining good health.


Many health issues can be alleviated by consuming alkaline drinking water. Using the best alkaline water in addition to your regular water purification systems is highly recommended in light of the numerous health benefits of alkaline drinking water. The alkaline drinking water Pitcher has a large storage capacity and simultaneously filters out harmful substances and bacteria from your home water.


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