SLOW PHOS | Slow Dissolving Polyphosphate Beads (1 lb)


Slow Phos Beads inhibit mineral scale formation and minimizes corrosion throughout the water system.

Scale Prevention – Used to sequester hardness, inhibit precipitation, and formation of deposits

Corrosion Inhibition – Used to form a protective coating on metal surfaces and provide protection

Iron Control – Used to sequester dissolved iron up to 10 ppm and prevent the iron from precipitating

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Slow Phos is a unique form of polyphosphate beads that sequester hardness minerals, prevent precipitation of minerals found in water supplies, as well as preventing internal mineral deposits within the water distribution system. This form of slow dissolving polyphosphate beads makes it especially beneficial in providing ongoing and stable PO4 water treatment.

-Maintains water clarity through functional sequestration of minerals and scale control
-Reduced corrosion by inhibiting corrosion through out the water distribution plumbing.
-Gradual removal and inhibition of existing mineral scale deposits and prevention of these formations in hot water lines and residential water heaters.

SLOW PHOS can be fed at different concentrations in order to fit particular treatment situations or requirements. Normally a concentration of SLOW PHOS at threshold levels of 0.5-5.0 ppm polyphosphate will inhibit scale and corrosion

Hard Water Bullet
Industrial Cooling Towers
Refrigeration Equipment
Vending Machines
Air Conditioning Equipment
Water Purifying Equipment
Water Coolers
Pre-filter for RO Equipment
Evaporative Coolers
Coffee Machines
Food Service Equipment
Water Wells
Ice Machines
Domestic Water Systems

Typical phosphate dissolution rate: 90-180 days.

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