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Most of the products are made in USA, with some parts imported from other countries. We prefer our home made parts over imported ones unless needed.


Most of our products have fast shipping within Continental United States, restrictions may apply. Our products comes with standard warranty & technical support.

Prices for all

Quality products at very affordable prices. We are consumer first company who prioritizes good products at reasonable prices to form great customer bonds.

Quality Services

Upmost customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We are a family-owned business with access to superior resources, we provide individualized attention if needed.

Customer Services

We provide customer services and solutions tailored for your specific needs. We will listen to your requirements and derive a solutions unique to you.

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Aquarium Filtration - RODI

Aquarium Filtration - RODI

Aquarium Filtration - RODI

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One Stop Filtering Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Size Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems. Best for homes, bars, salons, schools and any where when large amounts of filtered water is needed.

Aquarium Reefs

Our Ultimate Solutions for Aquarium Filtration needs. Products for Reef Tanks, Salt Water/Fresh Water Aquarium's & other applications where pure water is necessary.

Water Filters

Our water filtration and treatment systems are guaranteed to provide top notch water purity, customized for your needs and comes with simple setup and affordable prices.


The filtration system for small and large scale Hydroponic use & other applications where pure water is necessary. We can build a system with your specific requirements.

Parts Media Filters

Reverse Osmosis Components and Parts. Filter Media and Replacement RO Filters. If you don't see a specific part or a particular set in shop here, Simply contact us!

Handcrafted Filters

Handmade in USA from exclusive parts. Our filtered water system removes up to 100% of contaminants. Water has never tasted better, or been better for your health!

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Aqua True Blue's mission is to provide upmost customer satisfaction. We are a family-owned business with access to superior resources, yet small enough to offer individualized attention. We strive to offer uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction.


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