Whole House Water Filter 3 stage Sediment ph acid neutralizer & carbon


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  • 3-Canister System
  • Removes a Wide Range of Contaminants, complete whole house filtration! Plus raise your ph level! Great for acidic water.

o    Sediment

o    Chloramines*

o    Chlorine

o    raise your ph

o    Pesticides

o    Herbicides

o    Organics

o    Most chemicals

o    Most Odors

o    Most Tastes

o    MTBE

o    THM

  • 1″ Inlet/Outlet
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • High Flow “Big Blue” Filters
  • Sediment Filter
  • Ph filter with GAC, Corosex, Calcite
  • Radial flow carbon filter
  • Filter Housing Wrench
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • DIY Installation Instructions



Cleaner, safer water, no electricity or drain line required. Eliminate a wide range of contaminants with just one system!

3 Canister System – Complete system includes 1″ inlet/outlet filter housings with pressure relief valves, mounting bracket, filters, and filter housing wrench.

Removes a Wide Range of Contaminants – The filters used in this system are capable of removing a wide range of contaminants including sediment, chlorine and chloramines*,  pesticides, herbicides, organics, MTBE, and THM. It also removes most other chemicals, tastes and odors, and is an excellent system for general filtration.

Plus!  Raise your ph, the calcite and corosex work together by neutralizing your acid water and raising it to safe levels to eliminate corrosion from low ph water.

1″ Inlet/Outlet – The larger 1″ NPT connections on the “Big Blue” system offers less flow restriction than the ¾” connections used on standard filter housings.

Pressure Relief Valve – The filter housings have built in pressure relief valves, making housing removal easier and reducing water spray.

High Flow “Big Blue” Filters – Larger 4.5″ diameter filters provide more surface area and fewer flow restrictions than standard sized filters, allowing for higher service flow rates.

Filters – The sediment filter traps sand, silt, and other sediment, leaving your water cleaner and clearer. The ph filter raises your ph levels & radial flow carbon filters allows this system to remove a wide range of chemicals, tastes, and odors.

Filter Housing Wrench – The filter housing wrench assists in removing the filter housings when changing the filters.





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