Replacement Water Softener Tank + Pre-loaded 10% Cross Linked Cation Resin and Riser Tube



Key Features:

  • Pre-Loaded Water Softener Tank with Cross Linked High Capacity Cation Softening Resin + Gravel with Riser/Distributor Tube.
  • Replace your old Water Softening Tank instead of dealing with the mess and struggle of replacing just the media.
  • This product is the Water Softener Tank with Pre-loaded Resin and Distributor Tube Only. Valve/Meter Not Included.
  • Resists corrosion and provides years of reliable service.


Introducing our Pre-Loaded Water Softener Tank – an exceptional solution for your water conditioning needs! This tank comes packed with features that elevate your water softening experience. With a generous 0.75 cubic ft of UPGRADED  High Capacity Cation Softening Resin and pre-installed gravel with riser/distributor tube, you can trust that your water will be softened efficiently and effectively.

But that’s not all! If you’re looking to enhance your Whole House Softener’s capabilities by filtering out unwanted elements like Iron or Chlorine, as well as Heavy Metals, we have the perfect addition for you: our KDF Media Guard. When you include it with your purchase, we’ll seamlessly install it into the tank before shipping it to your doorstep. Plus, you can continue using the same valve/meter for your water softener system with our Media Guard – we even provide a Universal Adapter for your convenience. No need for any complicated modifications. (Please note: Valves are not included.)

For our KDF 55 Media Guard, specially designed for municipal water sources, you can say goodbye to chlorine and heavy metals. It also acts as a safeguard against the growth of harmful bacteria in your softener system, ensuring your water remains pure and clean.

For those on well water, our KDF 85 Media Guard is the solution you’ve been searching for. It effectively removes moderate amounts of iron and hydrogen sulfide (up to 1 ppm iron and/or H2S), providing you with water that’s not only soft but also free from these troublesome impurities.

Upgrade your water softening experience today with our Pre-Loaded Water Softener Tank and the option to add our KDF Media Guard. Experience the difference in water quality that our premium products deliver!

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8" x 44" – 0.75 Cubic Ft, 9" x 48" – 1.0 Cubic Ft, 10" x 54" – 1.5 Cubic Ft, 12" x 52" – 2.0 Cubic Ft


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