KDF 55 Media Guard | Add-On Filter for Whole House Water Softener


The KDF MediaGuard filter system can be added to any of our water softeners or filters to give it an extra level of filtration capability.
For municipal water, KDF 55 MediaGuard removes chlorine and heavy metals, and prevents the growth of bacteria in your softener system.


  • Enhance Your Water Softener with the KDF MediaGuard Filter System
  • Elevate the filtration capabilities of your water softener by incorporating our KDF MediaGuard filter system.
  • Specifically designed for well water, the KDF-85 MediaGuard is your answer to eliminating moderate levels of iron and hydrogen sulfide, effectively removing up to 1 ppm of iron and/or H2S.
  • The MediaGuard seamlessly integrates between the control valve and the tank, boasting the consistent excellence of KDF Process Media as a pretreatment solution to optimize the performance and cost-efficiency of your water softener system.
  • Installation is a breeze, thanks to the innovative “twist-lock” mechanism. The MediaGuard effortlessly attaches to the valve base and slides down the riser tube (please note that it’s not compatible with the Turbulator riser). Once in place, water enters the MediaGuard and is evenly distributed into four chambers containing the high-performing KDF media. Within these chambers, the media effectively interacts with the water through a swirling motion, significantly extending the contact time. Subsequently, the water exits the chambers, passing through the softener resin, and finally exits through the riser tube.
  • During the backwash process, the flow is reversed. The resin is lifted and cleansed of sediment, while the KDF media releases any oxidized contaminants, rejuvenating its effectiveness.

Please note that a valve adaptor is automatically included with your purchase. This adaptor is compatible with Fleck 5600 and 2510 model valves, as well as Clack valves.

Elevate your water softening system today with the KDF MediaGuard filter system – your key to superior water quality.

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