Iron Pro 2 Fleck 5600SXT Whole House Water Softener + Softening Resin


This Water Softener comes with the following:

  • FRP/Resin Tank
  • Brine Tank
  • Cation (Fine Mesh Softening Resin)
  • Gravel for the under bed
  • Bypass


Iron Pro Water Softener

Fine mesh resin: Specialty resin improves system capacity for iron removal.

Fleck 5600SXT control head

Our most popular head offers digital controls with an informative display and easy setup.

Complete System

Includes tank, control head, fine mesh resin, and brine tank. Complete system shipped to your door includes all components needed for operation – the resin tank, fine mesh resin, control head, and brine tank with safety float.

LCD Digital display and touchpad controls

LCD displays current system status and error codes for at a glance information and troubleshooting. Easy to use touchpad controls allow quick control over all features and settings.

Complete brine tank

Includes brine tank with float assembly and brine well.

Water Softener Advantages

Water treated with a water softener versus untreated hard water has many benefits:

  • With a water softener your silverware and glassware, are cleaner and shinier
  • Your hair and skin feels softer, cleaner and smoother with water treated by a water softener.
  • Hard water treated with a water softener, greatly reduces housework by eliminating the formation of soap curd.
  • Hard water made soft through a water softener restores the rich lathering of your soaps and shampoos, thus reducing the usage and costs of these products by 75%.
  • One can return to natural chemical free healthy soaps and laundering agents, and with the Premier Water softener you will have the most efficient water softener on the market, good for you good for the planet.
  • Fabrics are also softer without hard minerals become trapped in them. Fabrics last longer and whites stay white without the dingy gray caused by hard water. Having your water softened by a Premier water softener will provide softer, brighter clothes and will extend their life as well!
  • Soft water also preserves the life of all water using appliances such as coffee and ice makers, dishwashers, and clothing washers. A water heater protected by a water softening system will also reduce the yearly energy cost of that appliance by 22%-29%.
  • Having a water softener in the home reduces greenhouse gases equivalent to removing one SUV from the road for one year.

Additional information


24,000 Grain, 8"x44" Tank, 0.75 Cubic Ft, 32,000 Grain, 9"x48" Tank, 1.0 Cubic Ft, 48,000 Grain, 10"x54" Tank, 1.5 Cubic Ft, 64,000 Grain, 12"x52" Tank, 2.0 Cubic Ft

Bypass Size

3/4" Bypass, 1" Bypass


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