Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis + Deionization (RO/DI) Water Filtration System – 300 GPD – 0 TDS Booster Pump

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Commercial Sized Reverse Osmosis Deionization system provides hundreds gallons per day (GPD) of clean, clear, Ultra-Pure drinking water and is suitable for your Aquarium, manufacturing, shopping centers, hotels, laboratories, pet shops and many other uses where high production of RODI water is needed.

Thoroughly tested & proven to remove 99% contaminants & even the smallest impurities for perfect 0 TDS water.

Built in booster pump increases the production of purified water by raising the water pressure to the optimal level for the reverse osmosis process


The Commercial Grade water filtration system combines multiple high efficiency reverse osmosis membranes that produce up to hundreds gallons of filtered water per day, making it a great choice for commercial applications. This unique combination of quality reverse osmosis membranes results in top-of-the-line performance rates for removing chlorine, hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and a long list of other water impurities.

The system also features a built in booster pump. A booster pump takes the incoming water pressure and brings it up to the optimal level for the reverse osmosis process. This not only increases the system’s production rate, but it also maximizes the efficiency in terms of drain to pure water ratio.

Compared to the industry standard 10″ filters, our 20″ oversized pre filters have the capacity to trap twice as many contaminants. This allows the system to be used heavily in commercial environments without needing to change the filters as frequently. Aquarium Reef, Large Tanks, and labs all benefit in their own ways from high quality RO/DI water.

All flow rates stated on our reverse osmosis systems and membranes are assuming a water temperature of 77°F. Water temperature changes will affect the flow rate. For every degree F the temperature lowers, about 3% of product flow is lost. For every degree F the temperature increases, about 3% product flow rate is gained. This occurs because water with a higher temperature has a lower viscosity and higher diffusion rate, which makes it easier for the water to permeate the RO membrane. Lower feed water temperatures during the winter season will result in a decrease in flow rate.

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