C1190, C-Series In/Out Head w/Vent Tap, D1400



C1190 head is meticulously engineered to streamline your filter maintenance, making it perfect for pH neutralizers, carbon filters, and more. Whether you prefer Upflow or Downflow service, this versatile head adapts to your needs seamlessly.

What sets the C1190 apart is its compatibility with a standard 2½” NPSM tank thread and its unique 1.050″ distributor opening. But that’s not all – exclusively on the C1190, we’ve added a drillable, pre-tapped ¼” FIPT vent port for enhanced functionality.

Meet the C1190FP, a variant designed with your convenience in mind. It features a removable top or fill port, along with an easily accessible internal screen. Cleaning and servicing have never been this straightforward – simply use the provided service wrench to disassemble the head.

To ensure a hassle-free plumbing connection, our C1190 series heads require a C-Series fitting kit, which you can find in Section 1. Don’t forget to explore optional fitting kits and the bypass valve for even more customization.

Experience the future of filter maintenance with the C1190 Series Filter Head – designed to simplify your life while maximizing the performance of your filtration system.


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