1.5 Cubic Ft. pH Water Filter Manual Backwash System Acid Neutralizer with Calcite –


  • Raises pH from as low as 5.5 up to a near-neutral level using naturally occurring calcium carbonate
  • Convenient dome loading port allows for easy replenishemnt of media without removing control head
  • Designed for 2-4 bathrooms homes with 3-4 people and treats up to 3.2 GPM
  • Uses Manual Backwash valve for efficient, user friendly use + No electricity Needed
  • Simple system connections & detailed instructions so most homeowners to install themselves!


Acid neutralization is a must to prevent leaks, maintain fixtures, and ensure good health. Acidic water (water with a pH less than 7.0) can eat away at your plumbing and cause blue/green staining on your fixtures. Some also believe that water with a low pH can have adverse health effects.

The pH system uses Calcite to neutralize the acid by dissolving and counteracting the acidity. In homes with pH less than 6.0, a blend of Calcite and Corosex is used, complimenting each other. The Corosex is more aggresive, providing the ability to raise very low pH levels, while the Calcite is slow acting, counterbalancing the Corosex and preventing excessive pH rise. Note: Due to the nature of pH systems some hardness is added to the water. Depending on exisiting hardness levels and pH level, an water softener after the pH system may be recommended.

Since the media dissovles to neutralzie the acid, regular replenishment is necessary, usually about once a year depending on water use, pH levels, and system size. With the dome loading port you avoid the need to disconnect and remove the control head, simply unscrew the port and add media!

Manual Backwash Valve: The backwash process simply forces water rapidly through the system in reverse direction, lifting the media and flushing accumulated particulates down the drain. It also prevents the media from solidifying and reducing efficiency.

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